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Search Services Agreement

Ocean Sky Obligation
We capably maintain a record of client’s requirements and we are committed to :-
  • Provide client with resumes of potential candidates as per their requirements.
  • Ensure that the potential candidates are given fair and accurate information about client and client’s requirements.
  • Provide to client any information about a potential candidate that is in our knowledge and disclosure of which information may be considered relevant to the recruitment process and in the interest of the client.
  • Communicate and coordinate between client and the potential candidate in fixing the venue, time or such other matters relating to meetings between them.
  • Assist client with the co-ordination of acceptance of job offers by and between the selected candidate and client, and also reference checks of the short listed candidates.

Client’s Obligation
In the Search Brief, a clear and comprehensive description of the requirements it seeks in the potential candidate. This would include description of the position for which recruitment is sought, person and qualification specifications, relevant organization details, CTC bracket per position, etc. Give to us true, fair and accurate information about Client Profile, which is to be furnished by to the potential candidate. Exercise abundant care and caution in handling the bio-data and information provided us so that no unauthorized use or misuse is made of the same. Upon recruitment of a potential candidate, intimate us about the recruitment and hand over a copy of the offer letter within 3 days of the candidate joining

Following points should be clear between Ocean Sky Security & Placement India Pvt. Ltd. and the Clients :-
  • Clear Search Brief for every designation is necessary for the company to effectively perform its obligations under this agreement.
  • In the event that a potential candidate is recruited by the client for any post other than which he or she was originally intended for, within one year of Ocean Sky providing his or her bio-data to client, then the terms of this agreement shall apply. It will be assumed as if the potential candidate was intended for the position that he or she has actually been recruited to.
  • In case the recruited candidate leaves the job within 3 months from the date of joining, Ocean Sky Security & Placement India Pvt. Ltd. will replace the candidate without taking any extra fee from the client.
  • Ocean Sky Security & Placement India Pvt. Ltd. would undertake any other search assignment for client for a period of 1 year from the day of signup without any retainer fee, but on exclusive mode.
  • Ocean Sky Security & Placement India Pvt. Ltd. will not again offer a placement opportunity to the candidate already recruited in pursuance of this agreement for a period of five years from his or her date of recruitment. This rule is applicable, providing that the recruited candidate’s employment is not affected by conditions of redundancy, closure, restructuring, change of management, or any such circumstances.
  • Ocean Sky Security & Placement India Pvt. Ltd. shall not be held liable for any inadequacies or inaccuracies in information, provided to us by the clients.
  • The ultimate decision on recruitment of personnel and of the completion of the recruitment process rests solely with Client Company, to be exercised at its discretion or pleasure or in accordance with its policies.

Empanelment Contract should be in the name of Ocean Sky Security & Placement India Pvt. Ltd.